India’s human rights oppressions

Keeping humanity first above all faiths and religious beliefs could put an end to many caste issues – A widely popular custom within the Hindu religion.

In India, a country of over two billion people and home to the largest concentration of Hindus on earth, the caste system can mean everything. It can be a window to a promising and affluent future or it can be a cause for unending despair and distress. All this is pre-decided by religion and society even before you are born.

India, also known as the biggest democracy on earth and an Asian powerhouse of ideas may seem the perect utopia for western idealists looking from rose tinted covered glasses, but remove those glasses and take a sip from a strong cup of black coffee in your other hand and you will note that there lies a underlying hint of social classism and growing religious intolerance that is only getting worse. Those at the top of the cast chain will perhaps never understand the perils of those under them. A number of them will deny such a caste system even exists or that it limits potential solely based on the family in which you are born in.

It is surprising then that with such an openly displayed and publicly celebrated caste system, that India can even get away with being called a democracy at all?

You can read more on India’s human rights record on HRW’s website at:


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