When things start getting a little fuzzy in life, everything seems to be working against you and nothing is going your way- STOP and take a deep breath!

Take a moment to look at your life, analyse whats gone wrong and why? Put yourself  in to autopilot and your life in to auto focus.

Take a blank piece of paper, draw a black spot in the middle of the page. Imagine that is the problem that currently keeps you awake at nights. If you’re like ninety-nine percent of the public you’ll most probably be concentrating on the black spot, right? It’s hard not to when it’s all you can think of.

But how about just for a moment we look at what’s around that black spot? That vast open blank space and it’s unmeasurable amount of opportunities and possibilities awaiting us to take advantage of them. All those special people and moments which surround us. The list could go on!

These are just a handful of the many special things in our lives which we are blocking out and missing out on over one (or a few) possibly small and (quite frankly) resolvable problem(‘s). Remember pain is only momentary and time is always the best healer. What seems to consume all or most of your working day today will become a distant memory tomorrow. Today’s unpleasantaries will become positive lessons for tomorrow.

We all need time to heal and anyone who doesn’t allow you that time is obviously not human. Of course, there will always be people who choose to block out pain and not talk about it. There will be people who choose to turn their pain into something more practical by putting all their efforts in to their work and careers. Some will have a good cry alone, others may take advantage of a friend’s time and shoulder to share their pain.

Whatever the method, one things guaranteed- you will get over this pain, you will overcome this down time in your lives and you will get back up on your feet and regain your confidence once again.


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