This holiday season remember the true essence of Christmas…The spirit of giving and caring for others.

Make this Christmas different by bringing joy not only to your dearest and nearest loved ones but also to those less fortunate than us. Invite an old neighbour over for dinner tomorrow, or give a special gift to someone sleeping rough this winter.

Like every year, tomorrow I’ll be joining a few friends and family and handing out warm socks, gloves and blankets and snacks to homeless people across London. It is my hope that as each year passes we find less and less people sleeping rough out on the streets, especially around the Christmas season. But every year it is heartbreaking to witness the number of people sleeping rough rising.

I find elderly men, vulnerable women, young kids, animals in poor health, all suffering needlessly. Five minutes sitting down and listening to their heartbreaking stories and you realise how much you have to be greatful for in life. All of a sudden you almost feel stupid for thinking that that by handing out a few small items of food and clothing, that you somehow may have made a significant difference in their lives.

The truth is, it is not enough and never will be. But that doesn’t mean our efforts go to waste or that we should stop trying and give up altogether. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to reach out to the community, to build alliances and create strong relations where there are people willing to help and get involved in a good cause. It is only by working together that we can tackle both life’s big and small problems.

In the new year I’ll be launching our very own charity to help vulnerable people in London. London is my home and a place thats very special to me. Thats why I believe it’s our responsibility to lookafter the people who call London their home. You can find out more about our new charity in the new year.

With that messsage, I’d like to once again wish you all a warm and wonderful Christmas. Whatever and however you decide to spend this Christmas, do it in the presence of all your loved ones. Spread the message of love and peace in everything you do and above all keep humanity first.

Warmest seasons greetings,



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