Today, I’m going to be sharing my new years resolutions, like many of us we all have our carry on resolutions from the previous year which we never got around to doing. We’ll always add them back on each year on our list of resolutions in the hope of eventually ticking them off our list. But every year we realise we haven’t actually quite got around to ticking that box off yet.

Mine are quite simple, avoiding distraction, staying focused, eating healthy, maintaining a better quality of work-life balance and to complete projects I begin. It’s the one thing I struggle with, is the ability to bring tasks to a conclusion, and it’s brought on by my weakness of easily becoming distracted. In school it would be by other kids in the class, at work by other colleagues, nowadays the mobile phone is the biggest distraction. The inevitable distraction of social media keeps pulling you back on to your phone to check the latest status updates from strangers, messages from friends and the weirdly seductive ‘must watch before they get banned’ videos which pop up, consume a large portion of your day. Ensuring you place more importance on the task ahead of you and less on emails and text messages can be quite an art to aquire.

A significant part of writing new year’s resolutions is that they allow you to reassess your life and it’s perimeters of success and failure. It’s an opportunity to set new goals, give up old habits, start a new chapter in your life or a new career for that matter. It’s a chance to give life another go, so don’t give up and don’t let go of that dream, that passion, and that fire inside of you to do whatever you want to do this 2017.

Admittedly, as I write the final sentence of this post I must admit it’s almost fours months late. Perhaps that’s another indication that I’ve not actually been able to manage my time effectively enough as I’d imagined at the start of the year. I suppose one consolation is that I have got around to completing this post and as I do, one statement comes to mind…’better late than never’!

Hope you’ve been able to achieve your new years goals?

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