Understanding Extremism

As we find ourselves living in an increasingly fearful society, media groups and hardline news articles can often lead us to believe that the outside world is very grim, inadvertently spreading unnecessary fearmongering among simple folk.

Governments can use their political powers of pursuasion to get news corporations to create stories and articles to trigger policies that allow them to set tighter regulations targeting certain individuals or groups.

Recently US President Donald Trump’s American foreign policies banning eight muslim majority countries from entering the US, the French governments’ banning wearing of veils in public, and other european countries tightening of their immigration rules, means we are creating a hostile and unfriendly environment for ourselves. We’re not protecting our borders, but giving rise to further opportunists who will use these foreign policies as a means to carry out further acts of terrorism and harm and disrupt our way of life.

To out root terrorism you have to out root the ideoligy and the path which leads to easy access to military arms and its financial funding. The fight against ISIS (DAISH), Taliban, Al Qaeda, or any other upcoming so called Jihadi group in the future is useless unless the very reasons for their creation is understood. These establishments are not the creation of east wanting to overtake the west to spread Shariah law, but on the contrary, these groups have very little or no knowlede of Islam or understanding of the concept of any religion at all.

My understanding is that these fundamentalist groups, partly funded by the west were never set up to spread any kind of Islamic reforms, but were infact set up in accordance with western allies to overthrow lengthy dictatorships like in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

An uprisal of a few who wanted to change the system within their country, wanted to bring change to their lives and sought to do it by any means neccassary, and in doing so chose the worst possible allies and friends to do it with.

I believe a considerable number of countries were able to cease the opportunity and fueled these groups with furhter hate preeching, financial funding and military arms for their own benifits and hidden agendas, enpowering them to such levels that now irrevociably these very same groups which these countries set up now face a direct threat from them and are being banned and listed as terrorist groups.

In the arab springs regimes are being toppled at the rate of dominoes. Outside (sometimes unwanted) influence continues to grow and on the other hand tensions between the west and the muslim world are further deteriorating. The failure of NATO, UN & other peacekeeping organisations to eradicate this uncontrollable menice means that groups like IS flourish. In the end it is always the innocent citizens of these countries who end up suffering.

The root cause of the establishment of all the terror groups over the last two decades is down to the poor economic and financial conditions of the countries in which these fundamentalist groups have arisen from. Countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen are all victims of mass poverty and unemployment. Therefore the solution also lies therein, if by spreading education and awareness, eradicating poverty and lifting people out of mass unemployment can create better environment for all, then notibly you only need to look at countries that do have strong financial and economic stability as positive examples.

Thus, to eradicate growing global radicalisation in the west, longterm stability needs to be introduced in the east.


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