London acid attacks

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Hi, everyone today’s message is largely regarding the recent incidents that have taken place across London with regards to the acid attacks.
My message formerly, are to those individuals who have become victims of acid attacks and to their families, my heartfelt condolences.
You should never have experienced such an incident. We should never have to fear going out and fearing our lives just because of the way we look, or the colour of our skin, or because of the way we dress, or because of you know our faith or our beliefs.
You know, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, as long as we are coexisting within society.
We are law abiding citizens, then we should never have to fear having to go out by ourselves or with our families, knowing at the back of our head that we may you know
become a victim of an acid assault.
It’s a great shame that such individuals have to vent their air, or their frustration on innocent people who have nothing to do with the London Bridge attacks or the Manchester attacks, if thats their reason for doing it (the acid attacks).
You know all muslims condemn those two previous attacks that have taken place in Manchester and in London.
And I hope the Government is taking serious measures into controlling the purchase and selling of sulphuric acid to the public.
And as the former Campaigns Organiser for Sadiq Khan, who’s the current Mayor of London, and as a long-standing business owner of the King Khawaja group for the last
decade, you know I feel very proud of living in London of working here of having grown up here.
You know it’s a great city and I hate to see someone coming in and causing such atrocities on innocent people regardless of whether they’re Muslim, non-Muslim, White, Brown, Black, Pink…You know regardless of your race, your colour, or your religion.
You know I hope that the larger society condemns any kind of atrocities regardless of our skin colour and our religion and that’s the greatness of what London is and what London is about, and of Londoners who were born in London like myself or who have come here from other countries my parents who migrated here in the seventies and like many others who came here from other countries looking for a better life, a more peaceful life,  and it’s sad to see that certain individuals from our communities believe that they have to go out and cause such atrocities and in doing so happen to do it in the name of religion.
You know it’s a shame that they’re doing it in the name of Islam, and any Muslim will tell you that Islam stands for peace and harmony and you know It’s a shame that these people you know feel that they have to do this and anyone will tell you that these people are brainwashed individuals.
They have nothing to do with religion and have no understanding of islam or understanding of any religion whatsoever.
No religion promotes killing of innocent [people].


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