A proud partner

The Fluqe Group is proud to announce our continued partnership with Barclays PLC, who continue to support our Fluqe business ventures.

For the past ten years, Barclays has continuosly been supporting us in our business global growth plans. Since the advent of King Khawaja back in 2008 when we first began trading, till today as we continue to grow the Fluqe brand nationally and internationally.

Barclays bank 2

Barclays has always been there offering us help and business support when we needed it as a young and ambitious enterprise.

A strong and reliable partnership are always the backbone of any business enterprise, and we value our longstanding relation with Barclays.

When we presented the bank with our ambitious growth plans, Barclays was there ready to assist us in accelerating our efforts in our global business strategy. But they were also there to ensure that we never got too big for our heads…and always brought us back down to earth whenever we started flying to high.

In a nutshell, thats what good partnerships and partners are about. Ones you can rely on and are trustworthy.


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