All change

Keep calm & enjoy the change

Watch this space

Over the last few weeks you would have noticed a few changes around our website and to our services.

But no need to be alarmed! the changes we are making are positive changes which will ultimately help us to integrate all our services and information into one big website.

Its our continued commitment to our customers.

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy and find information on all our ventures and adventures in one place. It will mean that for a short period of time you may experience some interuption to your service.

The wait will be worth it

But you’ll love the changes we’re introducing. For the first time we’re incorporating news and information from across the Fluqe, King Khawaja and Zeshan Khawaja group of websites into

This means in the future, accessing information on all our various companies will become much easier. You’ll still be able to continue to enjoy reading Zeshan’s blog, keep upto date with all the Fluqe Group’s news and read up on the latest news on the King Khawaja Group.

Until then we apologise for any inconvenience during this transission period, but we’re very confident you’ll love the changes we’re making!


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