You’re Being invited

We’re so excited…As theres less than three days left until the launch of our sister charity organisation, Fluqe Being Foundation!

Fluqe Being is a charitable organisation in the making, with a difference.

You can follow our hilarious comedy sketch called ‘Fluqed‘, about a struggling yet completely lovable ailing asian business mogul ‘King Khawaja’- a true fluqe of nature, as he goes through life’s daily grind featuring, Zeshan Khawaja!

Zeshan has spoken publicly about his vision for business enterprises of the future, where he strongly believes that all global corporations should have an ethical and social responsibility towards the local society and community in which they work in.

“Large businesses & corporations should be made more accountable if they are shown to be lacking social or moral awareness.”

Zeshan Khawaja

It was in keeping with this idea with which Fluqe Being Foundation was borne out of. Having been a longstanding campaigner of human rights issues for many years, Zeshan had one day hoped to establish a charitable organisation of his own.

For the past five years Zeshan Khawaja has been advocating for businesses to employ a #giveback2society element in their companys’ longterm business strategies.

Below is an extract from Zeshan’s speech in which he was speaking at an organised public conference on the ‘role of business leaders of the future’ outside the Houses of Parliament in London:

“…In the 21st century businesses of all sizes need to make considerable social and ethical contributions to the society in which they work in. It is only when both business enterprises and local communities begin to work together, can we truly build a more harmonious environment for ourselves to both work and live in….It is no longer acceptable to push the burden of responsibility on someone else or the generation after us. It has to be a collective effort and it has to start today!…”

Fluqe Being believes we can change lives through comedy. Through the art of immersive storytelling we can spread our message of love, peace & harmony for all humankind. We can extend our message of respect and tolerance to all corners of the World.

So, we hope you’ll join us on the 14th August as we celebrate the launch of our seriously fun charitable organisation, Fluqe Being…We seriously can’t wait! 🙂




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