Street smart fashion

Limited edition

King Khawaja1

Very soon we’ll be revealing our limited edition lineup of King Khawaja branded designer T-Shirts and matching accessories for young men & women.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be collaborating with London’s incredibly talented young fashion designers to help us design a collection of cool everyday street smart wear.

It’s a not difficult to understand why the world’s top designers choose London to host their collections. We have the most incredible fashion designers and young talent just overflowing out of London’s fashion schools and making a name for themselves on the international fashion stage.

King Khawaja Logo 2

So it was obviously a no-brainer when we decided to get in touch with some uber cool young fashion designers from London to give us an insight into this exciting million dollar industry.

We were blown away at the kind of talent this city holds, and we just couldn’t resist but to ask to be a very tiny part of it’s monumental global success story. We’ve teamed up with a crew of future fashion influencers, who have bravely taken the step to turn King Khawaja into what will hopefully be one of the hottest clothing brands of the future.

Watch this space as we’ll be bringing you many more follow-up stories as we introduce our exciting lineup of designer sketches, the amazing talents behind the artwork and the complex and detailed process leading up to the finished brand.


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