Equality goes beyond the fragmentation’s of just pursuing a more gender balanced society. It stretches far wider than that, equality is also about tolerance, equal opportunities and about seeking a more just, fairer, freer and equal society.

Gender equality

Civilisation has come a long way yet we are still struggling to fight for gender equality, that too still in western countries in the 21st century. From workplace promotions to salaries, men and women all face different obstacles. Women however having to suffer far greater setbacks then their male counterparts. Laws being introduced by the government are often slow to be implemented and so the struggle for equality continues, and the weight of the burdun falls on individuals to take a stand.

Religious Tolerance

Showing respect and tolerance to all faiths and religions should be one of the foundation pillars of any equal and fair society. Yet religious tolerance is quickly disappearing and being trampled on globally in the race to wipe out any traces of any form of minority religion that exists within a country of a ruling major religion. Our religious rights are no longer a fundamental right but a luxury, reserved that too for the few who can afford it.

Right to a fair trial for all

Courtroom appearances can be difficult for anyone to deal with. Ensuring both parties are offered a fair trial even more so difficult. In domestic violence cases the onus is on the man to prove his innocence. The scales always tip in favour of the woman even when there is so much at stake, potentially both a woman’s life (is at risk) against a (possibly innocent) man’s reputation and both should be weighed in equal measures if they are to be given any chance of a fair trial. It is not that women shouldn’t be protected when such allegations surface. Women need to be at the heart of protection from the legal justice system if they are in any kind of risk and they should never have to live in fear of persecution from their partners ever. But a fair and just legal system should weigh both parties evidences put forward and if necessary all involved parties put under intense scrutiny to ensure that the best possible decision is finally made.

It is one of the biggest legal justice systems failures in the UK of not understanding that one third of men in the UK are in fact the victims of false domestic violence allegations made by women abusing the British legal system only for the pupose of gaining free social housing and local government funds that follow. Britain’s powerless justice system does nothing to scrutinise women. It is these small grey areas which lead to very big errors of judgement.

Racial equality

It is extremely important that living in a globalised world, we are open to all different races and cultures. It is sad to think that even in today’s society racism still exists and it is rife. All forms of racism need to be stamped out. Stronger campaigns of solidarity need to be demonstrated to those weak and ill minded few who believe division is better than bridging gaps. If we have learnt anything from history, it is that the British ‘rule and divide’ practice has brought the World nothing but continued problems till date.

Social inclusion

A subject that is too often overlooked is equality for those with disabilities. A lot more needs to be done by policy makers and governments to ensure that people with disabilities are socially included in all forms of society and public life. That barriers which lead to disabled people feeling trapped from leading a normal life are lifted.

Sexual orientation

We live in an open and forward thinking society yet talking of people’s sexual orientation is still very much a taboo in many parts of the World including western countries. A subject which has found scholars, religious leaders, activists and politicians banging their heads against brick walls (metaphorically) all trying to come up with their own theories on how we should live our lives, neither party ever agreeing may we add. Growing up you always heard the phrase from your elders about never discussing ‘religion and politics’. Understandably as an adult we now understand why. It is fair to say that today sexual orientation can also be added to that list. Our views on the matter are quite simple, any kind of enforcement or self-imposement on another of any kind should be deemed wrong. It is not for us to judge who and what it right but for the individual themselves to make that informed decision.

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