I have some really big and exciting news to share with all our Fluqe family & friends. In August we went on a holiday of a life time to the beautiful island nation of Maldives and to our surprise we found out that we’re pregnant!

We couldn’t believe our eyes, this holiday couldn’t have got more perfect or more special. We had wanted to hear this news for so long and to find this out in the most picturesque and beautiful location as Maldives made it all the more special.

It actually all made sense now, all this time we were thinking Muqaddas was sick or had got food poisoning from something. The whole time she was actually pregnant. It explained why she wasn’t able to eat anything during the whole flight here.

My wife had completely lost her appetite during her whole stay in Maldeves, which meant I too couldn’t eat because the smell of food made her throw up. But it was all worth it!

Our stay at the Shangri La hotel in Maldives couldn’t have been better, we would sit outside on the beach talking till the sun would come down about how our lives were about to change forever, reminiscing about the past and trying to predict what the gender of the baby would be and thinking of baby names if it was a him or her.

Our time on the island was filled with so many precious moments, (aside from the odd vomiting here and there!) It will definitely rank as one of the best and most memorable holidays of our life time.

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