With 2020 almost over and the new year around the corner it’s time to reflect on this year which largely thanks to Coronavirus has brought many countries and economies to it’s knees, business owners and traders into bankruptcy.

With so many unfortunate events of the year having shaken us to the core, there have also been some success stories where people have turned personal tragedies into inspiring success stories.

Keeping positive vibes the theme for next year, I’ve decided that through my upcoming blogs in 2021, I’ll be sharing my vision for the future, including how to survive covid19 if you are a small business owner and how bigger businesses should become more ethical and harmonious within their surrounding communities.

I believe every enterprise should have a ‘give back to society’ element, and how businesses should play a more active role in welcoming ex-offender’s looking to reform their lives by offering them jobs.

“Dream big. Start small. Act now”.

Robin Sharma

I’ll also be sharing my secrets of how to run a successful business without ever having to rent out expensive office space, instead empowering people to work more flexible hours, with options to work from home and to work at their own leisure.

An important part of any business is it’s staff and a company boss is only as good as their team. Therefore I’ll be sharing what I look for in people when hiring and how important it is to have a good balance of male to female ratio, and how to create opportunities within your business for greater inclusion for people with disabilities.

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