Today, I was asked by the Chair of the Muslim Professional Forum to share my views as a Muslim on the current Government lockdown restrictions and how I felt local mosque’s and worshipers should act under these current circumstances with regards to keeping local places of worship open during the lockdown. You can read my views on this issue and how I addressed this matter in more detail below.

In the spirit of Human Rights and our right to practice freedom of religion in the UK, the ability to express our faith as Muslims, is a very large and important part of our lives.

In the UK, we are privileged that the British legal system affords us these basic rights to express our faith openly and freely without conditions being placed on us.

Currently, Muslims are facing a conflicting conundrum of weighing up our daily religious practices with the current health advice issued by the Government and the health authorities.

I believe that, as important as prayers are for the Muslim community, the preservation of life is just as an important factor for us to consider.

Therefore, it is a collective obligation of all of us, both Muslims & non-Muslims to ensure we are practicing safe methods of worshipping in these testing times. It is also very important to understand that no less reward is afforded to us by refraining ourselves temporarily by not visiting our places of worship.

I am therefore of the belief that practicing our faith from the safety of our homes until the Government’s restrictions our lifted are the best way forward. This will not only protect us and our loved ones from catching any of the symptoms related to Coronavirus, but also assist the NHS and other health professionals to control the rise of coronavirus infections in the country.

I encourage the Muslim community to follow and respect the current Government guidelines and refrain from leaving your homes unless it is for emergency or essential work purposes only.

By following these simple steps, we can potentially save hundreds of lives and help  control the growing number of infections in our towns and cities. 

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