Early life

Zeshan Khawaja was born in March 1981 in Tooting, London, he is the only child to a working class family of Pakistani immigrants. As a child, Zeshan’s upbringing was divided between the US & UK. He admits that his unconventional childhood unconsciously fueled his uncontrollable desire for travelling and adventure as an adult.

In his spare time, Zeshan is an avid learner of different languages and a keen reader on the world’s many different cultures and religions. Zeshan is extremely proud of his British Pakistani heritage and for many years has been working closely with a number of Anglo Pakistani agencies advocating for better business & economic ties between the UK and Pakistan.


Zeshan is the founder of the Fluqe Group, as a young entrepreneur Zeshan quickly realised he had a great flair for drawing peoples attention. This flair would later prove to be an invaluable gift. In 2001, at the age of twenty Zeshan co-founded Flukemart.com as an online retail goods exchanging website. 

In 2008, Zeshan founded the King Khawaja brand and established King Khawaja Models as an online model & actors management agency. It was one of the first agencies of its kind to promote Asian talent to the mainstream British entertainment industry.

Later that year in recognition to his work as an entrepreneur in the field of media and entertainment, Zeshan was awarded “an honor limited to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their industry and occupation” by Cambridge who’s who.

Today, the Fluqe Group supports the Khawaja family and the growth of the King Khawaja brand by developing and nurturing values instilled in our Fluqe business ventures.

Political activist

In 2015, Zeshan became active in politics after joining the Labour Party. He was elected as Tooting’s local Ward Organiser & BAME Officer. In the same year Zeshan was also elected to Vice Chair of Fundraising for the Party.

In the run up to Sadiq Khan’s re-election campaign in Tooting in 2015, Zeshan played an important role as a political campaigner. Later that year when Sadiq Khan publicly announced his intentions to run for Mayor of London, Sadiq asked Zeshan to become part of his campaign. As part of the core registration team, Zeshan headed the Community Outreach Programme, responsible for stakeholder’s engagements and delivery of the campaign message across London.

In May 2016, Zeshan was asked to join the campaign for Dr Rosena Allin-Khan as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate in Tooting. With in depth local knowledge and understanding of the local community Zeshan acted as the local business & cultures advisor for friend and colleague Rosena, ensuring local business owners and traders were engaged with local election updates.

Zeshan’s Political Campaigning Legacy:

  • Campaign Officer, Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London
  • Campaign Organiser, Leonie Cooper – Assembly Member for Merton
  • Campaign Manager, Christian Wolmar – Transport Journalist
  • Campaign Officer, Rosena Allin-Khan – MP for Tooting
  • Campaign Organiser, Paul White – Councillor for Tooting Ward
  • Campaign Manager, Khaled Noor – Councillor for Barkingside Ward

Zeshan continues to support the Labour Party’s efforts locally and nationally.


For many years Zeshan has been involved in humanitarian causes as a civil and human rights activist. Zeshan actively campaigns on behalf of many non-profit & charitable organisations advocating for the end of global child poverty, violence against women, child exploitation and equal rights & safety of passage for internationally displaced refugees.

As of 2021, Zeshan and the Khawaja family have founded the Khawaja Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation campaigning for the protection of human rights, human development, freedom of speech and the preservation and safety of women and children’s health and education worldwide.


Zeshan has always had a secret acting bug and even did a few British & Bollywood movies and music videos in his time (though he’d never publicly admit it!).

Zeshan has done a number of TV appearances, most notably in 2016, Zeshan was seen in a specially commissioned BBC documentary commemorating Pakistan’s 70th anniversary, in which he shared his life story of growing up Tooting in South West London and how much it’s changed over the years. Zeshan has also been a familiar face on South Asian news channels like GEO TV & Duniya TV, talking candidly about Politics and Human Rights issues.