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Make it Write! Human Rights Report 2017

Internationally, human rights records are at crisis level. An institutional right to every human being from birth regardless of any bias, yet so few countries manage to uphold their responsibilities to their citizens. In some cases western countries fairing no better. The UK fortunately stands highly amongst its western counterparts with a very good human […]

Kevin Spacey British Police Investigation

American Entertainment Television channel E! News has reported that British police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault made against Kevin Spacey in London, marking the latest in a series of harassment claims made against him and the first time authorities have gotten involved. . The latest alleged incident is said to have taken place in the […]

Fluqe Models

The Gateway to Glamour Fluqe Models (coming V soon), is our portal to the world of glamour, films, music, media and entertainment. Fluqe Models are the industry specalist providers of actors, models & artists to the global entertainment film & music industry.    

King K Tours

Travel like a King King K Tours (coming V soon), is a King Khawaja company (part of the Fluqe Group). Our amazing online travel booking site will be bringing you thousands of great holiday and travel ideas and plenty of cool hotels and places to stay. You can save up to 80% by booking with […]

Fluqe Luxe

Get some Retail Therapy Fluqe Luxe (coming V soon), is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands recognised for celebrating a collection of classic traditional asian couture and cool contemporary western clothing. Fluqe Luxe is proud to be different – We offer a wide range of mens, womens, childrens wear, beach wear, accessories, branded […]

Fluqe Being

Fighting Injustice with Comedy Fluqe Being is a human rights activist organisation with a twist. Fluqe Being Foundation believes in changing lives through a combination of humour and comedy through our creative comedy sketch called, Fluqed (coming V soon). Fluqe Being To learn more about our exciting social enterprise and our projects you can visit […]