Welcome to Fluqe

What the Fluqe? The Fluqe Group is a seriously fun company and a young growing brand. Our passion currently exceeds our existing business ambitions. Our Current Ventures Find out more about our ambitious social enterprise foundation called Fluqe Being, or discover our upcoming new holiday accomodation site called Fluqe Chic (launching soon) which promises to […]

Socially invisible

Understanding disability matters Dealing with a life changing diagnosis Being diagnosed with an illness can be hard at any stage in your life. Finding out that you’re diagnosed with a lifelong or terminal illness which is visually unseen makes it even more of a challenge in everyday life. Workplace Workplaces often don’t understand the needs […]

You’re Being invited

We’re so excited…As theres less than three days left until the launch of our sister charity organisation, Fluqe Being Foundation! Fluqe Being is a charitable organisation in the making, with a difference. You can follow our hilarious comedy sketch called ‘Fluqed‘, about a struggling yet completely lovable ailing asian business mogul ‘King Khawaja’- a true […]

All change

Keep calm & enjoy the change Watch this space Over the last few weeks you would have noticed a few changes around our website and to our services. But no need to be alarmed! the changes we are making are positive changes which will ultimately help us to integrate all our services and information into […]

A proud partner

The Fluqe Group is proud to announce our continued partnership with Barclays PLC, who continue to support our Fluqe business ventures. For the past ten years, Barclays has continuosly been supporting us in our business global growth plans. Since the advent of King Khawaja back in 2008 when we first began trading, till today as […]