Changing lives through comedy



Fluqe Being is the social enterprise foundation of the Fluqe Group and the Khawaja family. Zeshan Khawaja founded Fluqe Being with the aim of spreading the message of global peace, religious freedom and human rights tolerance through the art of comedy and peaceful activism.

All our overheads are personally covered by Zeshan Khawaja and the Fluqe Group, meaning that 100% of our effort goes directly into our initiatives we create or support.

We know we can’t change the world, but if all of us individually take up small creative initiatives of our own, then collectively we can bring together positive change in this world.


Our aim is to spread the message of peace and tolerance and promote love and humanity through the art of comedy. By making people laugh, and spreading joy, we believe we can bring people of different cultures and communities together.

Together we can overcome societies many injustices and inequalities. We can advocate for World peace and most importantly, continue to campaign for the protection of the human rights act.


Fluqe Being focuses on advocating for a fairer and equal society for all. We are a peace keeping organisation with a social awareness message. Fluqe Being Foundation works closely with international aid agencies, NGO’s, local charities and government bodies around the World advocating for World peace and helping to build a safer, more equal society – irrespective of age, race, gender, location, religion, sexuality, political views.


Fluqe Being wishes to engage in peaceful, constructive dialogue and debate with World leaders, social media influencer’s and international decision-maker’s to help build a safer, more equal society for everyone.

You can stay up to date with all of our activities by reading our regular blog ‘Make it Write!’ which was started by Zeshan Khawaja as a way to fight the many human rights injustices across the world through peaceful, civil, activism.

Make it write! is about safeguarding and protecting the very values and ethics of the The Human Rights Act 1998 which gives effect to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention.


You can also learn more about us and our many lasting legacies, by becoming involved in our projects.