Thank you, from Fluqe Being Foundation 🙂

All of the team behind the laughter and humour of Fluqed (our fun for all family friendly comedy sketch) and our social enterprise charity, Fluqe Being Foundation wish to express our sincerest gratitude for your generous gift! You’re changing lives.

Why your donations are so important

Your donation helps us support many of our great causes at Fluqe Being, like our fight for global peace & human rights, maintaining the costs of our website, and funding our upcoming satarical comedy ‘Fluqed’ – Which is our creative way of portraying everyday social injustices in a comic & fun manner but with a serious social message.

Donate to us

Without your support it would mean giving up our campaign for a fairer & equal society for all of us to live in. It would mean no longer being able to champion our human rights at public forums like parliament or at global peace summits. It would also mean we could no longer take our message of love, peace & tolereance for all to all corners of the world.

But by donating as little as £1.00* (minimum suggested donation) you can help us to continue our fight for equality for all by being a Fluqe Activist & donating to one of our great causes and keeping us going!

Your donation is directly benefiting hundreds of people
Every penny of your donation means so much! Apart from helping us achieve our goals as a charity, your donations are crucial in helping the lives of so many people around the world. Our dream is to have a world where people no longer have to suffer from human rights atrocities, but instead feel empowered that they can make a difference. Through immersive storytelling, we can help put a face to these issues and provide people with the inspiration and the knowledge to create real change in the world.

Your impact

Thanks to your support, we have already changed the lives of hundreds of people living in fear of persecution. We’ve been able to work in places like Pakistan & India, by sponsoring events that raise awareness on transgender issues and childrens rights. Here in UK we’ve been working closely with organisations that offer help to both male and female victims of domestic violence, and we’ve been advocating for greater equality for the LGBT community.

But we don’t intend on stopping here! We’re going to continue to take our campaign to all corners of the world until we’ve spread the message of love, peace and compassion and have truly achieved full justice and equality for all human beings in society.

Thank you again for your generosity – Team Fluqe Being 🙂

Contact us

If you would like to contact The team of Fluqed or Fluqe Being Foundation regading any of our projects or if you have any questions, please complete the contact form below with some basic contact information and your comments and a team member will get back in touch with you very soon.

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You can also tweet us at @fluqebeing with your message, under the hashtag #fluqebeing

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