A true fluqe of nature

Fluqed – Coming Soon!


Part of Fluqe Being Foundation, ‘Fluqed’, is a comedy sketch with a difference.

Follow the funny life of struggling yet completly lovable ailing asian business mogul ‘King Khawaja’- a true fluqe of nature, as he goes through life’s daily grind, featuring Zeshan Khawaja. A satire Pakistani business mogul trying to adjust within British society.

Our aim is to spread the message of peace and tolerance and promote love and humanity through the art of comedy. By making people laugh and spreading joy, we believe we can bring people of different communities and societies together.

Together we can overcome societies many injustices and inequalities. We can advocate for World peace and most importantly we can campaign for the protection of the human rights act.

Lets uphold justice I Unfold humour I And share untold stories

Join us in our simple mission to spread joy and laughter by subscribing to our YouTube channel and liking our videos.

A Fluqe Films Production

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