Learn why Zeshan believe’s every business enterprise should have a #giveback2society element, and how by engaging in peaceful dialogue and advocating for freedom of speech and tolerance of all human rights we can achieve both fairness & equality for all.

Our work is divided into four areas:

  1. Womens Rights – Promoting a position of legal and social equality of women with men.
  2. Childrens Rights – Campaigning for the special protection and care of minors and children under the age of eighteen years.
  3. Mens Rights – Advocating for the social and legal equality of men with women.
  4. Transgender RightsPromoting the legal and social rights of the transgender community.
Through our set of themed stories (see below), we will be sharing some extraordinary tales of human endurance of physical, mental and psychological hardship and suffering as a result of governmenal or social persecutions suffered here in the UK or abroad.
Discover remarkable true stories of how ordinary individuals have changed the course of history through peaceful activism, advocation and campaigning to bring change in society in order to enhance and promote greater equality and justice.
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Womens Rights

2- Being,Projects Womens Rights

Fighting for equality, embracing women’s rights and empowering women does not mean that you are fighting a war against men. But on the contrary, it is men and women standing together in unison supporting a cause that is well overdue.
Discover in our blog, why Zeshan thinks it’s totally cool and acceptable for men to also be feminists and be part of the activism that leads to greater equality, and find out how Fluqe Foundation is advocating for greater gender equality within the work place.
Read ordinary women’s inspirational stories of extraordinary feat in our set of case studies tagged under, ‘Her Story’.
Childrens Rights

3- Being,Projects Childrens Rights

Every child should have the right to education and the opportunity to grow up in a safe and secure, and healthy environment, with positive role-models to look up to in the shape of their parents, guardians, siblings, teachers or mentors.

Transgenger Rights

5- Being,Projects Transgender Rights

Ashamedly, very little is ever written on transgender rights, or efforts made to highlight transgender needs in the media. Where the British Government has taken many positive strides in the development and equality for the transgender community here in the UK. In the US, American President has just recently banned both active serving and reserved army transgender personnel from being part of the US army. In many parts of Asia and Africa, unfortunately transgender people are often persecuted and ridiculed in society.

However in June 2017, Pakistan became one of the first countries in the world to issue the marginalised transgender community its first passport with a transgender category as an important milestone in the struggle against discrimination. The South Asian nation, last week issued a passport to prominent transgender activist Farzana Riaz with an X to symbolise the third sex printed under the gender category of the travel document. The transgender community in Pakistan welcomed and praised the government’s decision, saying it was a forward step in Pakistan’s history and for the global transgender community to finally be given an identity. Incidently, Pakistan also has an active transgender representation in Parliament.

Read the ordinary transgender community’s inspirational stories of extraordinary feat in our set of case studies tagged under, ‘My Story’.

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