Equality for all

What does equality mean? Equality goes beyond the fragmentations of just pursuing a more gender balanced society. It stretches far wider than that, equality is also about tolerance, equal opportunities and about seeking a more just, fairer, freer and equal society. Gender equality Civilisation has come a long way yet we are still struggling to … Continue reading Equality for all

Understanding extremism

As we find ourselves living in an increasingly fearful society, media groups and hardline news articles can often lead us to believe that the outside world is very grim, inadvertently spreading unnecessary fearmongering among simple folk. Governments can use their political powers of pursuasion to get news corporations to create stories and articles to trigger … Continue reading Understanding extremism

India’s human rights oppressions

Keeping humanity first above all faiths and religious beliefs could put an end to many caste issues - A widely popular custom within the Hindu religion. In India, a country of over two billion people and home to the largest concentration of Hindus on earth, the caste system can mean everything. It can be a … Continue reading India’s human rights oppressions