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Fluqe Being – Has Arrived!



Fluqe Being

Fluqe Being is a human rights activist organisation with a twist. Fluqe Being Foundation believes in changing lives through a combination of humour and comedy through our creative comedy sketch called Fluqed.

You can visit Fluqe Being’s web page here.

Fluqe Luxe – Coming Soon!

Fluqe Luxe

Fluqe Luxe is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands recognised for celebrating a collection of classic traditional asian couture and cool contemporary western clothing. Fluqe Luxe is proud to be different – We offer a wide range of mens, womens, childrens wear, beach wear, accessories, branded perfumes, precious costume jewellery and gifts.

Fluqe Chic – Coming Soon!

Fluqe Chic

Fluqe Chic is a collection of low cost privately owned properties and residences across europe’s finest holiday destinations, selected to suit both, families, couples and individuals. Ideal for short and medium term stays, conviniently located near all amenities.

 You can visit Fluqe Chic’s web page here.

Fluqe Films – Coming Soon!

Fluqe Films

Fluqe Films, the production company behind the infamous ‘Fluqed’ comedy sketch series featuring Zeshan Khawaja as satirical asian business man ‘King Khawaja’, available to view on YouTube very soon.

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King Khawaja Styles Coming Soon!
King Khawaja Logo 2

King Khawaja Styles

King Khawaja Styles, a limited edition lineup of branded King Khawaja designer T-Shirts and matching accessories, designed by London’s highly celebrated young talent and fashion designers.