What the Fluqe?

Find out more about our ambitious social enterprise foundation called Fluqe Being, or discover our upcoming new holiday accomodation site called Fluqe Chic (launching soon) which promises to transform guests holiday experiences in the future.

You can also follow Zeshan on his many adventures and read his blog. Or delve right into our exciting past with King Khawaja. And now you can also explore and be part of the excitement of the media & entertainment industry by channeling through our newly rebranded Fluqe Models (coming soon) website (formerly known as King Khawaja Models).

Fluqe Being

Fluqe Being

Fluqe ChicFluqe Chic

Zeshan Khawaja



Stay Tuned

Because thats thats not all!

If you love shopping, entertainment, celebrity gossip as much as we do, then you’ll love some of our other upcoming ventures.

Over the next few months we’ll be introducing many new products and services on So be sure to keep checking back on us 🙂

Until then you can also keep upto date with our adventures on our social media links on the right.

Fluqe Luxe

Fluqe Luxe, is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands recognised for celebrating a collection of classic traditional asian couture and cool contemporary western clothing. Fluqe Luxe is proud to be different – We offer a wide range of mens, womens, childrens wear, beach wear, accessories, branded perfumes, precious costume jewellery and gifts.

Fluqe Films

Fluqe Films, the production company behind the infamous ‘Fluqed’ comedy sketch series featuring Zeshan Khawaja as satirical asian business man ‘King Khawaja’, available to view on YouTube very soon.

King Khawaja Logo 2
King Khawaja Styles

King Khawaja Styles, a limited edition lineup of branded King Khawaja designer T-Shirts and matching accessories, designed by London’s highly celebrated young talent and fashion designers.

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