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About us

We’re passionate about making a positive change in the world through soical and business enterprise. For the past ten years King Khawaja as a business enterprise has been at the forefront of advocating for companies to adopt more ethical business practices.

Together both the Fluqe Group & King Khawaja Group support the Khawaja family and the growth of the King Khawaja brand by developing and nurturing values instilled in our businesses.

Early Years

King Khawaja Management Limited (KKM) was formed on 1st July 2011 as a sole Limited liability. However King Khawaja’s trading activities date back as far as 2008 with the original formation of King Khawaja Ltd.

King Khawaja ™

King Khawaja was a pioneer in setting new trends when in 2009, Zeshan set-up King Khawaja Models- One of the first creative entertainment ageny’s in the UK to serve the growing needs of the Asian commuinty by placing Asian talent within the mainstream media industry.

Later Years

Following the success of King Khawaja Models, Zeshan set about a rapid expansion plan which saw the creation of over a half dozen new business ventures being set up across europe in a space of 18 months, and later in 2012 expanding the King Khawaja Group into south asia and north africa.

King Khawaja Group of companies: 2008 – 2015


  • King Khawaja Models  I  Modelling Agency  I  England · India · Pakistan
  • King Khawaja Tradex   I  Import Export Agency  I  Spain · Algeria
  • King Khawaja Artistes  I  Talent Management Agency  I  England
  • King Khawaja Fashion  I  Clothing Brand  I  England · Pakistan
  • King Khawaja Productions  I  Film Production Company  I  England
  • King Khawaja Collections  I  Handcrafted Jewellery  I  England · Spain
  • K2 Musik  I  Record Label  I  England

In 2016 the King Khawaja Group merged with our newly founded business venure under the name of Fluqe Group. The King Khawaja Group still continues to support the Fluqe Group and and the interests of Zeshan Khawaja. In February 2018, King Khawaja celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary and in honour of our birthday, in true Fluqe spirit Zeshan celebrated it with a huge party, but not the kind we are usually accustomed to!

Zeshan Khawaja has always been a firm supporter of helping those who are less fortunate than us. With Fluqe Being Foundation (our charity organisation), Zeshan travelled to Pakistan, the birth place of his parents to hold talks with the Pakistani Government and other stakeholders to grant Fluqe Being Foundation permission to work with local communities across Pakistan’s small and secluded towns and villages to promote better human rights education and work with local Mosques, Churches & Temples to advoacte for greater community integration accross different religous & faith based groups to create a more peaceful, harmonious and prosperous Pakistan.

To Zeshan’s surprise his efforts were well received with government officials in Pakistan, and in celebration of what he referred to as a huge victory for human rights in a country which is often misunderstood by the media and international community. Zeshan felt this was a moment to cherish and he felt it was befitting that the famous quote by Neil Armstrong came to mind, It’s “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”!

Zeshan later presented the Edhi Foundation in Lahore with a large donation in support of their expansive free services to humanity across the world.

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King Khawaja is a registered Trademark of the Fluqe Group


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