Making it write

Find out how Fluqe Being Foundation promotes the message of love, mercy and compassion through our upcoming unconventional methods of comedy and humour in our fun for all comedy sketch called, Fluqed.

Learn why Zeshan believe’s every business enterprise should have a #giveback2society element, and how by engaging in peaceful dialogue and advocating for freedom of speech and tolerance of all human rights we can achieve both fairness & equality for all.

Achieve equality

As passionate as we may all be regarding certain human rights topics, it is important to remember that all forms of human rights deserve the same respect and importance as the other. We must always remain inpartial at all times and be understanding of all human rights concerns.

We can not afford to weigh one above the other, or allow society or media influence to dictate the narrative of the day. Also by placing one topic above the other, it does not make the other topics any more or less important.

Discover more

Through our set of themed stories (coming soon), we will be sharing some extraordinary tales of human endurance of physical, mental and psychological hardship and suffering.

To find out more details please visit our projects page.