Mens rights are often ignored and many in certain quarters believe that they should not exist at all. The mere concept of mens rights are often ridiculed. Some believe it is an infrigment on womens rights if men also began actively campaigning for mens rights. But we need to remember that human rights extends to all humans, irrespective of gender, race or age.
mens rights 4
Inparticular within domestic violence cases, mens rights are often ignored or disregarded, and no public support system exists for men to seek help from. The court system fails to acknowledge that the present system for identifying if a man is truely guilty is insufficient. It is a fact that one third of all domestic violence cases brought forward against men are in fact falsified. Yet the justice system, the laws of the land and every lawkeeping institution in the UK fails to deliver a system that provides both parties with a fair and free and transparent opportunity to present their case in the court of law.