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Fluqe Being

Fighting Injustice with Comedy Fluqe Being is a human rights activist organisation with a twist. Fluqe Being Foundation believes in changing lives through a combination of humour and comedy through our creative comedy sketch called, Fluqed (coming V soon). To learn more about our exciting social enterprise and our projects you can visit our site […]

You’re Being invited

We’re so excited…As theres less than three days left until the launch of our sister charity organisation, Fluqe Being Foundation! Fluqe Being is a charitable organisation in the making, with a difference. You can follow our hilarious comedy sketch called ‘Fluqed‘, about a struggling yet completely lovable ailing asian business mogul ‘King Khawaja’- a true […]

Merry Christmas

This holiday season remember the true essence of Christmas…The spirit of giving and caring for others. Make this Christmas different by bringing joy not only to your dearest and nearest loved ones but also to those less fortunate than us. Invite an old neighbour over for dinner tomorrow, or give a special gift to someone […]