Sikh community outrage over India in London

Protests taking place demanding end of atrocities against Sikhs and Kashmiris by the Indian government turned violent in central London today, with at least three people injured and two arrested by Scotland Yard. The protests were mainly organised by a host of Sikh organisations seeking release of Sikh prisoners in Indian jails. The Sikh demonstrators … Continue reading Sikh community outrage over India in London

Make it Write! Human Rights report 2017

Internationally, human rights records are at crisis level. An institutional right to every human being from birth regardless of any bias, yet so few countries manage to uphold their responsibilities to their citizens. In some cases western countries fairing no better. The UK fortunately stands highly amongst its western counterparts with a very good human … Continue reading Make it Write! Human Rights report 2017

India’s human rights oppressions

Keeping humanity first above all faiths and religious beliefs could put an end to many caste issues - A widely popular custom within the Hindu religion. In India, a country of over two billion people and home to the largest concentration of Hindus on earth, the caste system can mean everything. It can be a … Continue reading India’s human rights oppressions