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More thought sharing moments and updates from Zeshan and the #fluqefamily

A vision of the future

With 2020 almost over and the new year around the corner it’s time to reflect on this year which largely thanks to Coronavirus has brought many countries and economies to it’s knees, business owners and traders into bankruptcy. With so many unfortunate events of the year having shaken us to the core, there have also … Continue reading A vision of the future

We named her Amna

In the middle of all the confusion and controversy of the current coronavirus pandemic and it’s effects on all our daily lives, a ray of hope came in the shape of the birth of a beautiful baby girl – That’s right, I became a dad!! On 15th April, I became a first time proud dad … Continue reading We named her Amna


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Celebrating new years

Watch how we ended 2020 with a bang!

Out during lockdown

Find out why we went out on Christmas Eve during a Tier 4 Lockdown.

Her first crush

My daughter’s first crush in a shopping mall.

Vloging our daily life

Watch our funny moments learning to vlog with me and my family.

Welcome to my home

A typical lockdown day in the life of the Khawaja’s.

Sharing our wedding day

We’re celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary this year.

The story of how we met

Uncover our true love story from Russia with love.

London acid attacks

My reaction to the latest terror attack incident in London.

Countdown to 2011

Amazing new year’s firework display at the world famous London Eye.