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The Fluqe Group is a new breed of branded venture capital organisations in the UK offering a completely fresh and unorthodox vision and style of working.

We are one of the first companies of our type in the UK to set in place a completely virtual management team to overlook the needs of the whole of our group, without any physical corporate head office’s, full time staff or hierarchy management structure in place.

Our unconventional working methods, our energetic staff and our creative services all add masala to making our end products and services so much more unique and different from our rivals. We are also one of the first companies in the UK of its size to maintain one of the smallest carbon footprints around.

We wish to become one of the most trusted and acknowledged businesses by consumers within the next ten years. Fluqe will provide consumers better quality of service, value for money and customer satisfaction than they are already receiving.

Why Fluqe?

Indeed, why Fluqe!

The Fluqe Group is a very different and unorthodox type of company. We don’t like to conform to the boring traditional style of business workings of the city. We make our own rules!

At Fluqe there’s a very simple mantra that Zeshan Khawaja (Founder of Fluqe) likes to follow whenever we set about exploring a new business opportunity:

“Fluqe it…Lets do it!”

It’s really as simple as that!

Whatever our next business venture maybe…whether it’s retail, leisure, media, entertainment or hospitality, we always like to have fun doing it and at the same time we like to ensure that we’re giving back to society.

We hope you will take a few minutes to discover our new and continuously improving Fluqe homepage.

A seriously fun brand

We’re no fluqe

We are a global capital growth investment enterprise focusing on the following core consumer industries:

  • Retail & Leisure
  • Media, Music & Entertainment
  • Wealth Management & Financial Investment Services

We aim to deliver long term capital growth appreciation through investment in these industry sectors. Where possible we also partner with like-minded investors that help us continue to grow the Fluqe brand internationally.

Team Fluqe 🙂