Welcome To Fluqe

The Fluqe Group is a seriously fun loving, family owned global brand.

Take a free makeup makeover by Madina at Fluqe Luxe! Or go on a shopping spree without leaving the comfort of your home? Speaking of homes…Why not check-in to one of our Fluqe Chic holiday homes around the World?

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Elect @FluqeXpress

Freedom to Xpress political views

Fluqe Xpress is London’s leading political strategist organisation executing successful selection campaigns for political party parliamentary candidates.

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Shop @FluqeWear

Spoil Your Passion for Fashion

Fluqe Wear is your ultimate guide to the latest trends and fashions in women’s shoes, handbags, matching accessories.

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Stay @FluqeChic

Your Home away from Home

Fluqe Chic is one of the fasting growing collection of holiday homes owned by Fluqe Chic in Alicante, London, Marracekh.

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Blush @FluqeStyle

Get some Retail Therapy

Fluqe Style is one of the world’s leading Makeup Artist Companies founded by Madina Khawaja, with branches in London, Moscow, Alicante.

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Seek @FluqeBeing

Being Making Seeking Global Change

Fluqe Being is a social enterprise charity foundation founded with the aim of spreading the message of global peace and human rights tolerance through the art of comedy.

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