In the middle of all the confusion and controversy of the current coronavirus pandemic and it’s effects on all our daily lives, a ray of hope came in the shape of the birth of a beautiful baby girl – That’s right, I became a dad!!

On 15th April, I became a first time proud dad of a beautiful healthy daughter named Amna. I can’t describe in words the moment or the emotions and feelings you feel as you hold your child in your hands for the very first time. Very few events in your life will ever reach this level of emotions.

Life has all but changed with a baby in the house, the anticipation of the past nine months is now a reality. I sometime’s forget I’m now a father, it’s just been two weeks since we had Amna, but already our daily routines and life has changed beyond comprehension. Having spent the last month and a half in complete isolation at our home in Spain, where we’ve been living since last year, we were finding daily life extremely difficult living in the strict Spanish lockdown.

The whole experience feels surreal, having a baby in lockdown is something very few people would have ever experienced in their lives before. But I would not have asked for a better moment to have had a child, because it made it even more special and memorable.

As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to have a daughter as a first child, I’ve always been of the belief that the bond between a father and daughter is so special. All dad’s will agree having a girl is such an amazing feeling. I’m overwhelmed with emotions when people compliment Amna when I take her out, I feel a great sense of pride as her dad and love this new experience.

I can’t wait to see Amna grow up and one day become a successful leader of the future. She’s growing up so fast that each day with her is so precious for me. One day she might look back at this blog that I’ve written and hopefully see how proud I was, am and will always be of her!

Here’s looking at you kid!

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